I have many upcoming summer events! Keep checking back for more info!
This past weekend, I had the BEST time hooping at the Long Island Greenfest. (americangreenfest.com)
I did some choreographed stage sets, some roving hooping with crowd interaction, and even a high-energy hoop-jam with the kids! 
It was wonderful meeting all the attendees, as well as the other performers and the vendors. Sharing my love for hoop dance while helping others learn about green living: what could be better?

The Greenfest gig also led me to some other great gigs coming up in the future: keep checking back for more info about other events you can catch me at.
In the meantime, plan to come see me at this summer's East End Greenfest in Mattituck. All the info for this event can be found using the greenfest link above.

Peace and Happy Hooping!
Looking forward to hooping it up with many other talented performers, organizers, and vendors at Long Island Greenfest.
"Hoop" to see you all there! :)
Hey, hoopers!

I am superpsyched to be performing at Green Fest. It will be held the first weekend in February (2/6 and 2/7) at SUNY Farmingdale, and admission is free for kids and students, and only $3 for adults! :)

There will also be tons of other great performers, vendors, food, etc.
Here is a link to the site:

Hope you can make it! I will have some fun new choreography, and will also be giving informal hoop "lessons" to anyone who wants to give it a whirl. Plus, the event is a great time to buy hoops from me, as I am bringing some of my best inventory along!

Don't miss this one!

Greetings, Hoopers and Soon-to-be-Hoopers!

Cosmic Swirl here, just writing to let you know that I have an exciting hoop-filled summer coming up. In a couple of days, I will be travelling to NC once again for a hooping retreat, this time with the amazing hoopers of Hoop Path! I consider it professional development as well as an awesome vacation! Keep checking back for posts related to upcoming gigs. During the summer, I am doing a few private parties, a couple of club appearances--and you might even catch me hooping at various events including the Long Island Blues Festival, or any place else I can get my groove on. I will be around the island, performing and making plenty of hoops to sell...drop me a line if you want to keep in touch and get the latest Cosmic Swirl hooping-news!

Thanks and Blessings!


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    As a child, I could never hoop. I was once one of the chronically uncoordinated. Then, through the web I stumbled upon beautiful, talented people doing things I never imagined with hula hoops! After making my own hoops, I could spin it for the first time in my life. Now I'm hooked. Really, there's no stopping. Trust me. Get out while you still have a life beyond hooping! Save yourself while you still can!


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