Cosmic Swirl's Story: 
How I Found the Hoop, 
or, How the Hoop Found Me!

My story is proof that anyone can learn to hoop, and to love hoop-dancing!

Uncoordinated as a child, I rarely participated in athletic activities. Even into my teens and early twenties, there were few exercises that I truly enjoyed and could stick with. I sometimes walked, practiced yoga, or danced at clubs with friends, but the problem I always had with exercise regimens was staying consistent. Anytime I exercised, it was usually in a punishing, I-really-SHOULD-do-this, kind of way.

Then, I found hooping.

While searching for exercise DVDs on the internet, I happened to stumble upon an exercise/art form called "hooping".  As I researched hooping, I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I had encountered something revolutionary, innovative, exciting, an just plain fun. Hooping is all these things and more! I began making my own hoops with instructions I found on (great site!). YouTube was also a valuable resource, allowing me to learn everything from the basics to more advanced tricks from fellow hoopers around the world. This perhaps is one of the coolest components of the hooping culture: COMMUNITY. Though hoopers come in all ages, sizes, styles, and from different locations, we are united by our love for the simple joy of dancing with hoops!

Since I began hooping , it has been an amazing and joy-filled journey. Once one develops basic hooping skills, the rest is surprisingly easy. Hooping has lead me to travel around the country to hooping events, to study with master hoopers, to perform at events and parties, to make and sell my own hoops, and most importantly to love myself and my body. The changes I have seen in my mind and body as a result of hooping have been astounding! Hooping is a force for bliss, and I love sharing it with others. It is available to every one of us, if only we are willing to ask, to learn, to spin...and to smile!
Many blessings to you all,
and Happy Hooping!