Greetings, Hoopers and Soon-to-be-Hoopers!

Cosmic Swirl here, just writing to let you know that I have an exciting hoop-filled summer coming up. In a couple of days, I will be travelling to NC once again for a hooping retreat, this time with the amazing hoopers of Hoop Path! I consider it professional development as well as an awesome vacation! Keep checking back for posts related to upcoming gigs. During the summer, I am doing a few private parties, a couple of club appearances--and you might even catch me hooping at various events including the Long Island Blues Festival, or any place else I can get my groove on. I will be around the island, performing and making plenty of hoops to sell...drop me a line if you want to keep in touch and get the latest Cosmic Swirl hooping-news!

Thanks and Blessings!

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    Cosmic Swirl:

    As a child, I could never hoop. I was once one of the chronically uncoordinated. Then, through the web I stumbled upon beautiful, talented people doing things I never imagined with hula hoops! After making my own hoops, I could spin it for the first time in my life. Now I'm hooked. Really, there's no stopping. Trust me. Get out while you still have a life beyond hooping! Save yourself while you still can!


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